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With a burst of hormones and new emotions - everyday can be a new challenge for your child. We help them build a strong emotional system by using scientific techniques.

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A roadmap for your 10-week journey, one step at a time to build emotional intelligence.

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These are the changes fostered by our curriculum.

Learning Outcomes


Happy Kid!


Emotionally Wise


10X Confident

We Believe in Complete Transparency.

Session BreakDown


Emotional Awareness

Fostering open communication, positive reinforcement, and providing opportunities for emotional expression.


Emotional Regulation

Effective emotional regulation strategies, such as mindfulness and problem-solving skills. Also, learn how to identify triggers.



Techniques to healthily channelise emotions and how to use it when triggered.



Development of social skills, moral reasoning, and prosocial behavior. Positively impact their relationships.


Social Skills & Challenges in Making Friends

Develop skills to talk in public, with classmates and among peers. Effective communication techniques formulated.


Preventing Bullying Behaviour

Underlying reasons and long term impacts of bullying. What to do? 3Rs - Recognize, Report and Refuse.


Exam Stress Management

Scientific ways to stay focused and enjoy studying. Learn how toppers stay goal-oriented with proven strategies.


Managing Social Media Addiction

How to curb social media addiction. Ways to decrease internet dependency while using it to increase productivity.


Mental Health Awareness

Mental health checkpoints are provided to understand how to live well, early signs of depression and when to seek therapy.


Family-bonding and the Way Forward

A session for parents and children together. Highly advised for strengthening communication and family bonding.


Bringing Out The Genius In You

A child understands emotions, and learns to balance them - creates their own happiness and becomes an excellent communicator.

Yes, when emotions are in check and you don't feel stressed out, your focus and grades improve.

8-10 students only.

Two hours a week, flexible slots available.

9-14 year olds.

Yes, child psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors along with educators have designed this course.

Through refined systems and evaluative tests represented with graphical reports for each child.

Alola's emotional intelligence kit will be delivered at your address. This is an all inclusive kit for tackling emotions.