Multi-skill Development Through

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A roadmap for your 10-week journey, one step at a time for maximising your potential.

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These are the changes fostered by our curriculum.

Impact And Outcome




Secure Future


10X Skills

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Session BreakDown



Evaluation to identify personal areas of interest and mental models to interpret how intelligence influences interests.


1:1 session

Connect with instructors to build a mentor-student relationship. Set long-term goals for skill development.


Exploring Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner's theory and scientific techniques to explore the neuroscience behind interests.


Project Based Learning

Engage in project-based learning to apply intelligence to real-life scenarios & application of SWOT analysis.


Customised Blueprint

Creating a personalized plan and using the blueprint to determine nearby resources for practicing hobbies.


Building Confidence

Participating and levelling up from intra-school competitions to national and global competitions.


Communication and Feedback

Practice public speaking and effective presentation techniques. Receive and provide constructive feedback.


Personal Growth

Apply mental models to understand how hobbies contribute to personal growth. Track progress & adjust goals.


Standing Out

Recognize the value of diverse interests in college applications. Create a portfolio showcasing skills.


Limitless Learning

Techniques for maintaining a growth mindset & strategies for maintaining a balance between hobbies & academics.


Bringing Out The Genius In You

A theory of how students perceive and learn new information. Verbal, visual, musical, inter and intrapersonal, naturalistic, logical and kinesthetic are among a few intelligences to exist.

The measure of intelligence quotient is outdated, this course helps you build multiple intelligences that help you in the present and the future.

Only 8-10 students per batch.

Two hours a week, flexible slots available.

9-14 year olds.

Yes, a team of doctors have analysed and evaluated what a child needs in order to thrive as an adult.

Because hobbies and passions when nurtured early on become a part of their uniqueness, which potentially become skills that help them stand out in competitive environments .

Through our evaluative tests, and analysis of the customized blueprints.