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These are the changes fostered by our curriculum.

Learning Outcomes


Better Scores


Secured Future


10X Relaxed

We Believe in Complete Transparency.

Session BreakDown


Scholar's Goal Building

Growth mindset and goal setting - what geniuses and toppers follow and the mindset that leads you there.



Introduction to mental models, creating a map in the session to determine "Why, What & How" - benchmarking.


First Principle of Thinking

Getting to the core of any idea,
breaking it down to its most simple and fundamental form.


Focus & Motivation

Igniting the right kind of focus,
techniques to deal with procrastination, Pomodoro, distraction sheets and more.


Routine Building

Time & energy management. Habit Stacking, Batching, Eisenhower Matrix, Eat That Frog, Seinfeld Strategy.


Note-taking & Growth tracking

Creating a second brain: store and manage vast amounts of information. Personal knowledge management.



Go straight ahead, project-based and immersive learning. How to create an environment for effective studying.



Test to learn, the chemistry of learning & rate determination steps, The testing effect.



Remembering with the help of techniques, mental models, techniques and principles. Execution in real-time.


Discipline of execution

How to make our resources work to easily crack any exam - now & in the future.


Bringing Out The Genius In You

Your child is weak in studies because school systems cannot deliver the art of learning. Yes, with persistence and our techniques your child can definitely become a topper.

We have tried and tested our techniques and achieved great results.

No, but learning matters, and when you enjoy your academics, grades become a bonus.

8-10 students in a batch.

Absolutely, all you need is belief and consistency. We guide you and make sure our techniques help you crack any exam - with ease.

Utilise our techniques and put in smart work in every exam. This course will 10X your grades.

The work you put in with us is the guarantee. Ultimately, we cannot write your exams - but we make sure you ace them.

Two hours a week, flexible slots available.